Benquet, Philippines
Partner #1 (Network 2.0)

Our mission is to provide a higher level of expertise and entertainment to
real estate professionals at absolutely no cost. We believe that
networking is the highest return on your investment. You can expect to
find the following at our events: Expertise, Education, and Entertainment,
2 1/2 hours of Pure Networking, Great Food (Buffet), A non-selling
environment (no gurus) and all at no cost.

Contact Jonathan Steingraber @
or Randy Zimnoch @
Partner #2 (Eats For The Streets)

Eats For The Streets is a grassroots organization to help those who are
less fortunate by community involvement. Started by Mark Whistler in
Denver and Baltimore the movement is growing quickly with two new
cities. Eats For The Streets ambassadors include: Zachary Springborn in
New York, Marie Sheehan in Boston and Brendan Edwards in San
Partner #3 (                                     )

Through our diverse group of companies, Revolution Forward strives to
break down perceived barriers that an entrepreneurs business faces,  
and replace them with unique out of the box ideas and opportunities in
order to unlock the value from within.

Partner #4 (Discovery Castles)

Discovery Castles becomes our 4th partner and our first Unleash Power
For The People "Kid Power Parnter"... Discovery Castles is a pre-school
with 95 children and their motto is "Our Children Are Our Future, Educate
Them Well"... Discovery Castles is located in Charleston, WV... For more

Contact: Tamra Protan  @
Partner #6 (                                     )

Transfer Technology International Corp. mission is clear; to seek out the
most promising research technologies, and commercialize those
technologies with world class business partners to deliver outstanding
financial results.

Contact Chris Trina at (813) 600-4081
Partner #5 (Surreal View)

As an accomplished artist, approaches art as a way to
open other human souls to look through the 'norms', and she focuses on
the thoughts, visions and ideas that many of us have even though they
are below the surface of our minds.  Jacqueline has not only contributed
art to be featured in April, but will also develop one-of-a-kind artwork for
the Unleash Power For The People Foundation!

Are you ready to change the world?

Have you ever thought how can I  make a difference?

Everyone can help... Everyone can contribute....Everyone has the power inside them

In fact, power is the key to changing the world

What if you knew?
Power is made from the sun and wind
Water is abundant if you used that power to remove the salt
With abundant water, food produced could feed the world
Its simple, get people power and they eat!
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Kids and Parents alike can help

Parents can help by donating money directly to build power
generators. But kids can help even more because they are going
to grow up one day.  If both parents and kids work together, then
families will change the world faster.  It can be done.
Are you ready to change the world is an
"awareness site"

An awareness site explains a concept to a particular audience to
deliver a message.  
Unleash Power For The People Foundation
has built this site for kids, parents, and families to learn how to
change the world for good!
Location: Benquet, Philippines