Go Green and Unleash Power
A joint project by GoGreenSolar and Unleash Power For The People
The joint project from GoGreenSolar and Unleash Power For The People is a way
for the environmentally conscious to double their efforts on helping the
environment.  By using this site to purchase your turnkey solar or wind power units,
you will not only help yourself get "greener", you will also be contributing to the
global mission of providing renewable power generators to poor communities of the
world without electricity.

Every purchase results in 5% of the purchase being donated back to the charity
that will provide renewable power generators to people in the world that don't have

For more information:
Our first community Benquet
Community Partners is a
farming community located in
the mountains of Benquet,
Philippines. It is 1833 meters
or 6000 feet above sea level
and cold cold cold  (watch
video below)
Produce your own clean energy today!

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The Green

The power of the sun
and wind enables
people to produce their
own clean reliable
energy. Technological
advances, financial
incentives, a global
power play for energy
resources and the
movement to reduce
dependence on fossil
fuels has changed the
way people view
energy. Renewable
resources increase your
energy independence,
stimulates the economy
and promotes national
security. We’re
dedicated to help you
get started with
renewable energy!

*People Power to End Poverty

*Transparency, Hope, and Power

*Provide renewable power generators to poor communities that have NO
ACCESS to electricity

*First 10 years get us to $30 Billion… What will happen in the next ten?

*Simple concept, full visibility, powerful results, truly changes lives.