April Auction Item
"Power For The People" 15x30 Oil
"Embracing Earth" 12x24 Oil
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Starting bid of $100
Donated by SurrealView.net

Retail Value: $700
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Created by SurrealView.net
specially for: Unleash
Power For The People
Artist: Jacqueline Bonura

As an accomplished artist,
SurrealView.net approaches art as a
way to open other human souls to look
through the 'norms', and she focuses on
the thoughts, visions and ideas that
many of us have even though they are
below the surface of our minds.  
Jacqueline has not only contributed art
to be featured in April, but will also
develop one-of-a-kind artwork for the
Unleash Power For The People

These are two of her works, we hope
you Enjoy! :)

Contact:  surrealview@aol.com